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 The poor expectations that I had on Jurassic World after having watched the trailer were confirmed when I went to the cinema (I hoped to be wrong in my expectations, but no...) It seemed to me like a melting pot on predictable and absurd details, as I feared and suspected, if this was going to follow the current trend on modern movies.

 Normally I wouldn´t bother to post a text on this kind of things, but I feel that Jurassic World leaves so much to comment on, and not so good in most of the cases.

 Predictable details like:

- Everything is exaggerated, including the size of the Mosasaurus at the aquarium and the park itself and the control center;

- The fate that, being a Hollywood movie, things have to go inevitably wrong at the park, and the more glorious the park was, the worst that things had to turn (it´s a matter of wrecking everything "yes or yes", uh?...);

- As our usual dinosaurs amazed no more (as they dare to say in the movie itself), they had to create a kind of "Frankesteinsaurus Rex"; a big, powerful and witty hybrid on which, as expected, they lose control and have to stop at all costs;

- The fact that only one of the Raptors survives after having to face the Inemi-... Indummy... well, their bizarre hybrid (too many Raptors to let them all live, as usual when you have more than one individual of one kind to face an enemy, maybe?...);

- The two boys in that "ball for hamsters" decide on breaking with the rules, flouting the orders to return and (inevitably) having to pay for the consequences. Just to make the movie a bit longer, uh?...

- Did they say before that one of many genes that they used  for the Indomitablesaurus was on Raptor, the alliance of the Raptors to this thing would have been another thing to be waiting for.

- The (busy) park director (the aunt to the two visiting children) in not married but she finds her mate in a Raptors tamer who, "coincidentally", is not married either (in spite of the usual friction of characters or ideas between them at the beginning)...

Absurd details like:

- Children riding baby dinosaurs at the park, as if they were ponnies;

- A guy who can act as Alpha male (sort of...) of a group of Raptors which I am not even sure he tamed since they hatched from their eggs. And even if that was the case, no matter how witty Raptors are, how could they ever trust a creature that no dinosaur ever saw live (save in movies)? That is not even possible with some current wild animals (buffalos, sharks, rhinoceros,...), which are supposed to have some bit in their brains that says "never trust humans";

- If they used sepia genes to create that Indomiwhatever, how could it be that they didn´t have problems to locate it with heat sensors in the enclosure before the arrival of the "Raptor tamer", as it seems that it was?;

- Raptors evading bullets and explosions from the soldiers in the jungle but NOT the Indemiblahblahsaurus at the end;

- The Pterosaurus attacking the tourists rather than fleeing away from the island. Furthermore, those flying reptilians were supposed to be used to humans after having others visited their "aviary" before, and if they didn´t attack those who visited their enclosure before, why did they attack tourists at the center?... I find it more natural that they attacked people at their enclosure than outside, since they could have made the aviary their territory and mistake people coming in either with food or with intruders  invading their area.

- The T Rex apparently incapable of catching the lady as she tried to attract it with the flare to the In-dammit-saurus, while the T Rex is supposed to be faster than a human. Has the lady eaten anything with laxative, maybe?...

- T Rex and Raptor behave like friends at the end of the movie and don´t fight each other (as it would have been more natural, and as they did at the end of the first movie). The T Rex does not even seem interested on attacking the humans (well, maybe it was so tired after the fight with the Indescriptiblesaurus...)


 For now I cannot think of anything else for either section, but this is more than enough so far, isn´t it?...

 I pass this movie, yet the grade that I give to it is no more than 5/10. Basically, what makes it passable to my taste are the fond memories that the piano tune from the soundtrack of the first movie, the abandoned visitors´ center and jeeps from the first movie bring to me. As for the rest- PPRRRRRTT!! XP Just some Hollywoodish product like any other these days featuring dinosaurs...

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