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We believe in true love :*
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 Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase, agaaaaaaaain... If you don´t mind, add the links to the files we are talking about whenever you wish to thank me for having added one of your files to my favorites. That saves a lot of time, mostly when it comes to me having to "guess the riddle", because some times I add many files to my favorites, and it´s hard for me to know what are we talking about... :P So, once more, LINKS, PLEASE. I wish I knew how to stress this kind of journals and keep them on the front page... :P



Favourite genre of music: Pop and movies musical soundtracks.
Operating System: Mac
Favourite cartoon character: Nala.

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PurpleInk777 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hola Alan,

 Read First Thank you by PurpleInk777

By the way, how are things in Spain? My husband and I are well (though also cold),
here in the Australian Winter! :snowing:
Alan-the-leopard Featured By Owner 6 days ago
You´re welcome, PurpleInk :)

 The main problem that we are facing here in Spain is unemployment, with a rate of about one fourth of the population unemployed (about 6 million people)... including myself :P I have been sending my CV to a number of places but it seems doomed to fail for at least two reasons: lack of (interesting) offers, and lack of interest and will of companies and enterprises to hire people. And also, you seem to need to know someone in a company to get the job, otherwise...

And all thanks to the idiots that we have in our government. Things started to go wrong about six years ago with the former political party in the government, who sunk us well deep into the muddy puddle (we were doing so well until then...) and the current government seems to be well-determined to continue where the others left it (much as they insist on been doing something "different"). Just the typical story of a few b******s who get stuffed with money by rising taxes everywhere while beggars begin to be found in almost every corner at the street. Nice panorama indeed. Rather than a crisis, it seems that we are facing a war, for so many people to be homeless...

 They are destroying our country and turning it to pieces. Only cynical politicians and their most loyal followers would dare to deny that. If we seem as poor idiots abroad, it is just "thanks" to these guys, but luckily enough there are many, many wise people over here who should be in power, not the ones there now...
PurpleInk777 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer

It would seem that Spain has slid even further into debt than it had, just two years ago! :ohmygod: I don't know about most people, but I've

noticed since the European Union was conceived, most of Europe has come to ruin! :stare: It's shameful, really... Reading a fellow Australian curse

small things that went wrong while on a luxury holiday, recently! In addition, another bemoaning the re-birth of favourite Disney characters, in

CGI-format! :facepalm: When I read such tidings, I think, But what about the bigger picture? (People starving, and/or becoming homeless, because
of a waning economy. Of wars, in former tourist havens, frightening the tourism industry to a stand-still - with all the rioting, bloodshed and crazy
politics! :wtf: Do you mind terribly, if I include your news in a journal noting how (all too often,) people seem to worry over small matters? I think
it's time people woke up and smelled the tulips - er, faecal matter! :nod: :|
In fact the only silver lining in your news is the wise people you spoke of. :nod: Why, on why, aren't such people in power? :iconsighsignplz:

Alan-the-leopard Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Be welcome to add this info that I provided you with in your journal, PurpleInk ^^

But there is still... more!? to add to it :P

First, corruption. Politicians are often not complete if they are not related with some case of corruption, and in every political party here (I should rather call them "political factions") there is someone (often at least two persons) involved in some case of ilegal bank accounts in Switzerland and other places, handling insulting amounts of money (to the eyes of their victims, the population, who struggle to survive the way they can *fuming*)
 Currently there is seldom anybody to trust in in the world of Spanish politics (not at least among the two major political parties), and that is why I don´t even bother to go to vote in general elections. Lefties and righties... they are all alike, or at least equally untrustworthy.

 Then, massive immigration, mostly from the Morocco, with waves of people (that amount by hundreds in small boats, trying to cross the Gibraltar Straight) escaping from the chaos in their country. Many of them get it in here, with Police patrols everywhere that very often return them to their country, to make the story repeat itself again... :P
 Those immigrants who succeed on staying here join the list on unemployed, but others are lucky enough so as to get some job BEFORE we native Spaniards do (if we do get some job). Isn´t it to become mad about (in the negative sense of the word, or course)? 3:<

 I might be missing something else, but so far this is the lovely panorama over here in general terms... XP
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WilllowArts Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks very much for the fave! ^.^…
Berlin-Steglitz Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Thanks for the fave :)

Vielen Dank! :)
CptDaniel Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Thx for the favs!
Alan-the-leopard Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
We are talking about the files on the Su-27 and the Tornado, aren´t we? :) These are of the very few modern jets that I really like, while I am more of a WWII warbirds fan ^^ None the less, powerful shots :) One last remark ^^ I always am grateful to people to provide me with some link to the files that we are talking about, because at times I add a number of files to my different favorite folders and it is hard for me to recall every single file and its owner ^^; *pointing at comment signature and journal entitled "Once again..."* ^^ Regards :)
CptDaniel Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Yes we are. I see, yes i fav so many things too in one time, so sometimes i can't follow who says tahnks for me.
Kuna-Hero Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
You already get the point, but keep up the excellent art whatever it is you do, and keep up the excellent photography, I will be looking forward to much more ^^
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